About Fons Luminis

Fons Luminis is an interdisciplinary journal of Medieval Studies run by graduate students of the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. We aim to provide graduate student medievalists with a forum in which they can write short articles to address, challenge, and explore not only the content of Medieval Studies, but also the methodologies of our various home disciplines. We particularly seek articles whose theses may be of an explanatory or a tentative nature, designed to prompt further conversation.

As an interdisciplinary journal, we encourage discussion about as well as across disciplinary boundaries such as literary criticism, historiography, and philology. To that end, we structure our issues thematically, around broad topics that kindle doubt and debate. We hope that this will provide our readers with resources on a variety of topics and approaches that will be a source of illumination in their own work.

As a publication arising from the Centre for Medieval Studies in Toronto, we believe that more modern theoretical approaches need not be at logger-heads with traditional modes of scholarship.

Each issue will contain, firstly, a general essay addressing that issue’s theme, providing factual information, and proposing questions to open the debate. Second, there will be between four and six peer-reviewed articles of approximately 4000 words each. Third, in later issues there will be a section permitting responses to previous issues. Fourth, there will be review articles on seminal and recent books of interest to the theme.

Editorial Board

  • Suzanne Akbari, English, University of Toronto
  • Lawrin Armstrong, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
  • Joseph Goering, History, University of Toronto
  • John Magee, Classics, University of Toronto
  • Andy Orchard, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
  • George Rigg, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
  • David Townsend, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto

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